Andrew Vomhof

Andrew Vomhof is known for his use of new technologies to create artworks that relate to both natural science and cosmology. He creates star navigations and other flatwork using a CNC machine, drawing beautiful and intricate patterns in a circular shape, all with a single unbroken line. Andrew utilizes computer software to orchestrate a series of commands, and then gives up control as the machine works its way through the code.

Blue & Black Star NavigationBlue and Black Star Navigation

Andrew started working in this technique as a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in 2009. Many of his works map patterns of stars and constellations, like Polaris Supernova, below, which we’ll have in the show in both original and print form.

No two pieces are alike. Even when the code is the same, a piece can turn out different from the last. It’s a comment on time, he says, but perhaps also a comment on our relationship with technology, and the behavioral inconstancy it so often displays.

Andrew has recently returned to Minnesota after living and working in Brooklyn, NY. You can view more of his work on his website, and press on past installation projects.


About jakensok

Arts enthusiast showing visual art and furniture design in a pop-up shop in St. Paul, MN, spring of 2012.

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