Christopher Dela Pole

Founder and owner of Squared Furniture, Christopher Dela Pole is a driven, talented furniture designer with a knack for putting a bit of whimsy and humor into his functional designs.

Palm Tree

His Palm Tree (above) seems just the piece for an entryway, kitchen or nook that has wall space but is lacking a bit in square footage. The clean lines and natural, rhythmic spacing help eliminate the congestion of clutter without any effort on your part.

Palm Tree Shelving

Christopher is a talented woodworker, but he also has an eye for color. SWAG (below) shows a bright pop of turquoise without diminishing the natural beauty of the wood. It’s a piece that successfully combines a modern line with the warmth of classic woodwork. SWAG Box

SWAG Box 3

SWAG Box and Friends

View more of Christopher’s work on his company’s website, Squared Furniture.

Squared Furniture Logo

All images and logos used with permission of the designer.


About jakensok

Arts enthusiast showing visual art and furniture design in a pop-up shop in St. Paul, MN, spring of 2012.

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